A Horror to My Eyes

That’s what my friend said when talking about our last game and how the the Capitals better not lose tomorrow or he has threatened (again) to cry.

Before I go off on a subject first some news. Nyls is being sent for a conditioning stint with the AHL Grand Rapid Griffins. But, don’t get confused just because they are playing for the Red Wings farm league means nothing. He is on our salary cap and the Red Wings have NOTHING at all to do with it. The Griffins just don’t have that many prospects like Hershey does so he won’t be taking any time away, he gets to play and GMGM, thanks to Dynamo, has realized that him sitting on his ass doesn’t make him look so good for other teams.

Also, missing from practice today: Jose, Semin, and Gordon.

And, another person who gets to rub it in my face that I missed that they were even coming/couldn’t go to the Tragically Hip concert: Mike Green. i love the Tragically Hip (my Dad had a serious Canadian bands obsession growing up so I love all the good old favorites)

So yesterday a mix bag of elements came crashing together to bring many female hockey bloggers (and some male ones) to great annoyance. The base thing is that it seems that people are forgetting that there are several kinds of female fans ranging from casual, to puck head, to puck bunny and that there is a large double standard. Just like male fans (of both men’s and women’s sports) causal, to puck head, to man-whore. Many people where a twitter on Twitter over it and quite a few blogs have addressed the issue. I generally avoid writing about things I know a lot of other blogs are discussing because it gets very annoying to go to all your usual blogs and finding they are ALL talking about the same thing but in this case I know that its a issue that really does need addressing.

I’m not going to get all preachy or foam at the mouth. I’m probably the last person you could call a feminist. In fact I think a feminist would get really pissed if I tried to say I was one. But, as female hockey fan who has several times been approached by male hockey fans and had my love for the team questioned; “Are you a REAL fan or did you just like the jersey?” or the guy I know who won’t even talk to a female fan about hockey, he doesn’t seem to think we can even be fans at all, even though I and another fan (male) were talking about the Capitals, he jumps in and starts talking to the male one then when I comment he pointedly ignored me. This is only once or twice such a thing has happened and all my other interactions with hockey fans, male and female a like, have been pleasant

Funny thing is I know what started this whole “Learn the freaking difference between a die hard female fan and a puck bunny (or die fuckers)” campaign (I made up that name for it; I like it) I read the blog before this happened, which shall remain nameless because its not my business, gave it a chance, and realized that it was going to sit there and be a puckbunny the entire time after visiting it several times over a few weeks. Funny thing is I noticed a bunch male bloggers and fans think this website is the bees knees. Double standard; um yeah. Plus I think we know why they like this blogger so much. coughcoughsomemencanbesuchwhorescoughcough

I mean sure a post or two, a mention or five, about how good looking the players are is totally cool in my book. (I wrote a post about it if you recall on how cute I think Semin is for fun, yes, remember?) Any hetero female fan (or male; hey, we love all kinds here) will notice and drool over a good looking player. But, there is a line. We love our boys and in that I want them to be healthy and happy. I think its adorable when they have girlfriends and wives. It’s so cute! Seriously, isn’t it sickeningly cute when the guys are all lovey over their girlfriends/wives? (Gives one a little faith in the male gender, yes?) Doesn’t it just make you want to barf but in that good way? Matt Bradley talking about how his wives name is Sasha and how Ovechkin calling Semin “Sasha” creeps him out; this ultimate adorableness not possible with out his being married. See: puck head. Puck bunny doesn’t feel that way. Just FYI if your confused. I don’t actually have anything against puck bunnies. I kind of ignore them completely. But, there is a difference! In fact here:

Puck Head (of both male and female variety): Can name roster of team they associate with and about probably at least five players on every other team in the division or conference or if their really good the entire league, if not many more players, Has one absolute “married to” team and maybe several others that they like (secret boyfriend teams or if male: mistress teams), Thinks players are good looking of course, Knows stats or at least attempts to (memorizing is not for everyone), has lots of knowledge, is in general pleasant to be around, fanatical (I named my cat ‘Olie’ after my favorite goalie; he likes to try to catch the hockey players on the tv screen.)

Puck Bunny (also of both genders: THAT’S RIGHT I SAID IT you know who you are boys who drool over ice girls, and female sports players in general) May be able to name a entire roster more likely can only name the random guys around the league, May have a “married to” team but usually is always jumping to new favorite teams all the time (which is what gets me I have NO respect what so EVER for people who can’t stay loyal to a perfectly good team for more than a year), ALL players are good looking, no stats, basic hockey knowledge (hence the definition of a Zamboni on Scarlet Caps), can be pleasant but most of the time you’re like “ARGH go away”

And the casual fan I’m sure your not confused by. Talk Hockey to Me which also broached this subject is starting to list female (and male to come later) fans and bloggers on Twitter (and in proxy if they have a blog I their blogs) who are puck heads. And guess who made the list? The HC that’s who! She’s taking recommendations to add to the list. http://www.talkhockeytome.com for more.

If you have anything to add to this post, do you agree, do you disagree, as with all my posts I encourage you to comment or email. (email address on the About page)

Disclaimer: this post written by me, Meghan, do not necessarily reflect the feeling of my Chronicles blogger Anna (though I know they are) so act accordingly.



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3 responses to “A Horror to My Eyes

  1. Emily

    Not sure what characterization I fall under. I remember growing up watching the Capitals as a kid. My father was a goaltender at the semi-pro level, so hockey has always been a part of my life. I just got back into the sport at the end of last season and I’ve been to a few games this season and actually really enjoying investing some energy in something I can’t control. So I’m an unknown species of Hockey Fan, because I don’t clearly fit into any of your categories…hmmm

    I’m not sure what went down yesterday or if I’m just reading your blog incorrectly. However, now I’m curious. I stumbled across your blog 2 days ago and I really enjoy it! Keep it up!

  2. Lucy

    I’m not really sure where I fit either! I definately don’t know stats (because to me that is like memorizing dates in history class and I was horrible about that), but I don’t think EVERY player is cute and outside of the Capitals, I really don’t know many other players names anymore.

    • thehockeychronicles

      I’m not good at stats either (or history class dates) I’m really good at remembering the obscure details of games/events though (kind of like history class too) so I count that just as good. LOL And, anyhow I’m making gross generalizations here! -Meghan

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