It’s Both Sick AND Ill!

So the Capitals take on the Thrashers in a few hours. Semin is out with a combo “of sick and ill” as Bruce said. (Isn’t that the same thing?) But we’re calling Aucoin AND Giroux up which tickles me pink.

So check this quote Pension Plan Puppets linked from a Vancouver newspaper;

What is up with that metaphor? I don’t think I even understand it at all. Was the reporter dropping acid? Why is there a van full of them? Where are they going? Why do they all have to pile in to one van? Why are they on the side of the road? Did their van break down? Out of a van full of people you don’t have one man who can fix a flat tire?

Why is a goalie on the side of the road anyway? What is he doing? That seems suspicous! Is he homeless? Is it because he’s a bad goalie?! Does he live in a box? And what did he do to make the brick layers want to throw rocks and him. And, most importantly; Why are brick layers throwing rocks, anyways? Where’s their bricks?! AND WHAT DOES THAT ILLUSTRATE?! (and why was this Vancouver paper even writing about the Leafs? The Canucks were playing the Blackhawks the other night.)

My head hurts. This is more confusing then the time I mistook Scarlet Johansson for JFK (It was one of those games where you have to guess the celebrity by a part of their face, the mouth, it was a black and white photo so give me a break someone else thought it was JFK too)

Mitchell of the Canucks layed out Toews last night. It was BRUTAL! It was one of those hits that even after you watch the replay a few times your hands still fly up to cover your mouth when you see it. Poor baby Toews!


Though I noticed who was on the ice with him (kick his butt, Seabs!) and is that a new line combo? Or had Toews just not gotten off the ice? Yikes I hope he’s okay.

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