Just a Few Quick Things

Just wanted to give you all a heads up that over the weekend the blog posting maybe a little odd. It will either increase or decrease. You might get like five posts over a two day period or you might get none or maybe it’ll be one a day as usual.

I’m having a very vagually planned but rather busy weekend. Anna whose recent absence from the blog is due to computer troubles may get her computer back or may not so you may or may not be hearing from us over the next three days.

Game coverage on Twitter might be normal on Saturday even if the blog isn’t but my access to the Internet is questionable and Anna’s is also. Anna usually covers Twitter during the games since regular season started any how but I’ve been covering it the past couple games and I hope I haven’t been too boring. (not used to having to restrain some of my thoughts that I’d usually spew out on my perosnal account)

So that’s that!

And, for some reason during the Thrashers game I started to think about how much I miss Richard Zednik. I wish he hadn’t gone to the KHL but then agian if I played for the Florida Panthers I’d just get the hell out of there too! I miss seeing him on the Caps. Kind of like how some Caps fans miss Zubrus except I never liked Zubrus very much. (he was good, and I was surprised when we traded him at the time, but he was also kind of unpleasant personality wise) I mean I know Zednik wasn’t the biggest point producer but I miss him anyhow. But, I could be totally insane. (and missing Zednik makes me think of Feds which STILL makes me extremely sad but Feds had been my favorite player since I was into hockey so that at least makes sense)

Okay that’s it folks! We take on those Islanders saturday. But don’t think it’ll be a cake walk.

Oh and expect and short but sweet rub in the face of all the haters post on Schultz. I believed in him and backed him with his stats before he decided to show everyone else too so HAHA! I win. That’ll be later for now rest easy.

Ps. How freaking sweet was that goal?!


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