Fillet of Flyers Anyone?

That game was excellent. But the best part was when Nicklas flipped his lid both figurtively and literally (his hair was so cute like a little dandalion) and tried to go after Richards. Go Fudgy GO! Except not Richards; he would hurt you. Which is why you killed them with kindness. Good boy. And Semin coming back seemed to help the team and he didn’t take one penalty. In fact we didn’t take that many penalties at all. That’s the way to play boys.

And, Theo?! Whoa, I really like this side of you. Covering rebounds! Making smart plays. And I can barely contain my excitement: STAYING IN THE CREASE!

Though I’m nervous. This is a contract year. What if we resign him another few years and he no longers has to play for his job will this Theo stay? I hope so it seems like Theo has grown as a player. The cool veteran Jose seems to have appeared from the bratty semi-washed up young Jose. But, I’m still nervous.

The game want perfect but what is. And, I really liked the way the boys had those flashes of brilliance.

And, watching those dirty nasty Flyers fail and that effing Richards (and Hartnell and well all of them) get all fustrated and our boys just using it for fuel! Tell me it didn’t give you hope for this team yet.

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One response to “Fillet of Flyers Anyone?

  1. Emily

    The energy at the Verizon Center was absolutely crazy tonight. Watching the Flyers get frustrated in person was more enjoyable than watching my DVR of the game. Most definitely!

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