We Turn 200!

Our 200th post that is! Which is what you eyes are being graced at this VERY MOMENT! Wow, it was just back in August I wrote our 100th post.

And, as if to congratulate our 200th post; FLASH IS BACK! That’s right everybodies favorite Cech is back in action! Agianst the Kovachuk-less Thrashers. If we can get Gordon and Laing back soon I think that’s almost everybody.

And, like I predicted they would the Leafs beat the Ducks for their first win of the season. They would then lose last night to the Stars in over time in what I understand was a very well played game.

And, my fantasy team moved up and even though I haven’t done a thing to it seems to be doing well this week. Just goes to prove; I’m doing my best work when I’m not doing any work at all.

Why be literate when you have TV?! (Don’t be like Jeff Schultz okay kids?)

Yeah for the blogs 200th post! And, many many more to come!


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