This Is More Like Christmas Than Halloween

I am going to the Caps V. Blue Jackets game on Sunday. And, I am very very very excited. Now you’re thinking why so excited, Meghan? I mean you go to games don’t you? It’s old hat for Capitals fanatics like us! Excited yes but very very very excited even to see the first team that made you fall in love with hockey get trounced by your true love hockey team is a bit much, dearest blogger!

But, my friends, I have suffered; because I’ve been hurting in the wallet and if it wasn’t for food or absolute essential I really couldn’t afford it. I have not been to a game since I went to the Caps V. Panters game just before the playoff stint against the Flyers in that thrilling season where we came back to be Division champs. That was a great game and I got an Ovie bobble head (and I sat in the lower bowl for the first time ever AND I was in the section with the ice mites so it was like the best game ever). But, the next season my fathers employer which bought season ticket packages and let the employees have to tickets which meant me and my usually game buddy my pops were there in the nose bleeds at least once a week didn’t renew the package and I had no money myself and I did not go to one game all of last season.

So this will be my first live game in well over a year. So when I was surprised with the tickets this afternoon I almost fainted because I really wanted to go to this game! Blue jackets?! My first team I ever saw?! MIKE COMMODORE?! My feud buddy?! And, to top it off I am a die hard nose bleeder. I LOVE my fellow nose bleeders and I love sitting up there. Tell the ritzy senators they can have their stinky on glass seats (okay okay I would love on the glass seats but that’s probably never going to happen in my life unless I make friends in high places) But, my game buddy aka my dad got the tickets through ticket exchange and they are for club level. I’ve never sat in club level! I’ve sat in the highest row of seats for one season (literally I was that person in the row against the press box in the seat right at the very top of the last step) and then that second bit of the upper level for another season and then that one game in the lower bowl. And, its a five o’ clock game which have always been great games when I go to them.

It’s the perfect storm.



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2 responses to “This Is More Like Christmas Than Halloween

  1. Emily

    I’ll be there too, with my father and my 15 yr old nephew. I’ve sat in a similar seat atop the last step in front of the press box. I enjoyed that view for the San Jose game. I’m sitting behind the goal on Sunday in the 400’s.

    ENJOY THE GAME! Should be a good one.

    • thehockeychronicles

      Yeah I sat in that press box seat for my entire first season of Caps hockey. I don’t think people realize what a great view you get up there! I’m lucky some season ticket holder with deeper pockets then I needed to get rid of the club level tickets for cheap! I’m hoping the views okay more expensive seats don’t always mean a great view! -Meghan

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