It Was Just One of Those Days

Because the last thing you all need is another game analysis, we all need a break from the seriousness, I give you something with me just rambling;

I am furious with you Capitals! How dare you lose to the Blue Jackets! Do you know whose team that is?! MIKE COMMODORE’S! The man who sassed me on Twitter after I compliment him and I didn’t even do it directly at him! Don’t you care about my feelings?!

What Nicklas; is it because my father when talking about yourself, Ovie, and Semin’s line being broken referred to you as “one of Ovie’s little Russian buddies”? Did that upset you? Because, it was stupid; you are most obviously a blond, greenish-blue-y eyed, pale as snow, most certainly not Russian, Swedish man-child.

And, Ovie dear sweet Ovie! I hope you’re alright. You didn’t exactly do much when you did play but the fight, though stupid, was pretty cool.

And Knuble you little PK beast! You have cemented yourself into my favorites when you single handedly kept it in their offensive zone for forty seconds. That was the best play I have seen by a Capital. I screamed my lungs out and clapped my hands raw along with the other Capitals faithful.

Cougar Bait, you and Knuble are two people I am least mad at along with Theodore and Jurchina.

Semin, I noticed I’ve been calling you by your last name lately not your first, or your nickname(s), because you are not pleasing me. While I commend the lack of penalties the fact you had Mason BEAT, BEAT! And you hesitated and looked to pass and got all tangled up, and you hesitated many other times (after the first period, your first period play was rather good) Darling Semin JUST SHOOT THE FUCKING PUCK YOU IDIOT!

Theodore; I want to introduce you to a friend of many goalies, the crease! It’s a swell place and when you have a bunch of opposing players up your ass I suggest you stay in it. Other wise you played very well considering those Jackets were beating the shit out of you. They kept running into you and such.

Tom Poti needs to learn how to clear the crease on PK because he obviously didn’t hear me in the crowd screaming at the top of her frustrated lungs “CLEAR THE FUCKING CREASE POTI!” (There were no small children in my section I do have some sense)

Juice you played fantastically this is why I like you my crazy Eastern European brethren. And, when that Jackets guy fell on top of you and you were on the ice but back pretty much for your next shift; Bad ass.

I don’t like blaming the Refs, I do not join in on the “Refs you suck” chant (I boo loudly when I see the call was bad) but these ones were bad! At the end of one of the periods, this one non-call stood out in my mind to use as an example; Semin kind of got smack or fell down and the Blue Jacket who smacked him or saw him fall down laid on top of him and smothered him in the ice and Semin basically should have screamed “RAPE!” and you totally ignored it was RIDICULOUS. (And, if Ovie had seen it he would have flipped his lid.)

I commend the fans. Towards the end of the second and the entire of the third that had to be the single loudest crowd I have witnessed. Even when it looked grim you guys were positive and loud. And, I do not get too loud in general. I do the “Let’s go Caps!” chant, leap up, clap and holler after goals, boo when the other team scores, but I just am not the kind of person who gets loud over all the stuff really intense fans do but you guys had me in to it. I went ape shit. I screamed myself hoarse. Maybe it was just because it had been such a long time but you all were defiantly a part of it.

And oh that Chimera and that number 40 were punks! And, Mason did NOT like when during a stoppage and it was pretty quiet a bunch of Caps fans sitting behind his net screamed “MASON YOU SUCK!” he turned and gave them the death glare. I have honestly never seen a goalie do that before.

It was a great game and the sad thing is can’t really say the Capitals did that much wrong! Most of the penalties they took were bad calls and not on them! The passing was TERRIBLE but over all the play was good.

And, that’s what so frustrating because you guys are playing well but there like this under lying attitude, if you understand what I’m trying to say, you have about you that has me thinking that if something doesn’t permantly change by February they not only can not but will not go any farther in the playoffs or even as far as last year. I believe you can! But, it HAS to change.

I will say this though, while I love him, as I love all my Capitals, I will say it NOW but I believe the we SHOULD that it will necessarily happen, but we should get rid of Tom Poti. I said at the end of last season when I looked at D-man stats and I will say it so it can be used for later reference but if GMGM has his head straight he’ll trade Tom by the deadline for another D-man who plays better. I love Tom, I am attached to Tom, but I will admit it; it is time to move on from him.

And, possibly a few other Capitals as much as it hurts me to say so, I love all the Capitals, I can’t name any in the active roster (Nyls excluded) who I don’t like, I can’t imagine the Capitals any other way, we have such a good team of individuals! But, there are a few that maybe we need to let go either by trade or by contract running out. But, before I start throwing names around I’d like to watch those others I have in mind and see what they do for now because it IS the first month of the season. (But, the one in particular really breaks my heart.)


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