Sticky Statements

So the Capitals, much like the blog lately, have been sporadic. I don’t know what to make of this recent half game sort of playing nor do I have any solutions.

Perhaps, surprisingly, our most valuable asset of late is indeed goal tender Jose Theodore. And, I am a some what fan of our rookie goaltender Semyon Varlamov’s playing, at times, and the race between veteran, rookie, and prospect (Michal Neuvirth; Hershey Bears) is rather interesting to watch. It’s neck in neck for the most part though Michal Neuvirth is out DTD with a lower back injury; poor man who just got off IR can’t seem to catch a break. (Braden Holtby of the SC Stingrays with be playing in Hershey for a while)

Now as with most goaltender races it’s very professional and civil but a recent thing Varly said has me in two minds;

“After the win in Atlanta, Caps’ Varlamov told SovSport that the team concentrates more on the game when he’s in goal… Hmm…”
– Dmitry Chesnokov


It’s difficult to say out of context whether this was Varlamov making a simple statement; that he feels that they play with more focus or confidence while he is in goal; Or did he mean it sort of catty? Like the team trusts him in goal more than Jose (and therefore he expects more play time) I can’t say I’ve noted them playing more confident with one or the other in goal so lets look at game by game stats as provided by

I’m not sure how much that tells you. There’s only so much stats can tell. I can’t say I personally have been overly impressed by Varlamov so far and Jose has impressed me a cautious amount. Varlamov has won five games to Jose two.

Either way our young goal tender meant that statement I don’t think the team plays any differently with him in goal than Jose.

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