Goodbye, Thriller, The Drunkest Man Ever (Who Is NOT Ovie?!)

Because it’s Monday and we all need a good laugh here’s a few videos that should amuse;

So Poni had a very similiar situation like Brooksie. Both hadn’t scored in a while and then they score two in a row in the same game but what made Poni’s extra sweet was some of the Canadiens fans at the game, with plenty time on the clock, assumed they were winning and started to celebrate;

I will never get sick of this video. I’ve already watched it fives times “Na na na, hey hey hey, ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!”

Whether you remember it or not still amusing;

This goalie does what we wish any goalie would do; Dances to Thriller in full pads on the ice after winning a game

In honor of the Green/Laich bromance here’s a video about another bromance;

This is the biggest train wreck of a hockey ‘Cribs’ video I’ve ever seen. I was trying to find the Washington Capitals cribs video but found the Edinburgh Capitals cribs video instead! It’s 9 minutes too long but you get the flavor after the first minute so unless you have eyes of steel I don’t reccomend the whole video

This has nothing to do with hockey but it amuses my sick humor

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