Yes, I know Ovechkin being out for “week to week” is very bad. But, I being the stubborn fan of these Capitals, I am not too worried. (It’s your team now Brooks Laich.)

But, being a blogger, I suppose I attribute to the media, maybe this is what I should be thinking;

The entire team is DONE. They’re screwed. I mean sure we have talented players but it’s not actually their talent, right? None of the guys do; it’s all really Ovechkin isn’t it? I mean Nicklas passes aren’t that fantastic it’s Ovie’s awesome pass catching skills!

In fact every single amazing thing a player does on our team is because of Ovechkin’s pure awesomeness. EVERYTHING.

They’re never going to win another game again… ever.

I love you, mass media…

In other news Aucoin due to the waiver/contract/ten game issues has been sent down to Hershey and Matthieu Perreault has been called up.


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