Why My Dad Needs a GPS (And a Weather Map)

I’m not sure I’ve ever mentioned this before, but my dad is horrible with directions, not as bad as my sister (she got us lost in the ghettos around Hampton Roads twice in one day, and she LIVES down there), but still really, really bad. What makes it worst is that he refuses to listen to signs, directions, or ME because, y’know, he’s always right. For example, when Meghan and I went to Kettler to go ice skating for my birthday, I wanted to go to Chop’t afterwards, which is normally no more than a twenty minute drive, but it took him TWO HOURS because he didn’t want to listen to the directions I printed out.

Now, I’m sure you’re all wondering ‘Anna, what does this have to do with hockey?’ Well, I’m glad you asked! Since I’m also a devoted Hershey fan, going to a game would be nice, especially since tickets are a lot cheaper than Capitals tickets. The logical place to see the Bears play is, of course, in Hershey, but my dad refuses to drive up there. ‘Anna, it’s in another state; it’s too far away’. So, I looked up the next Hershey @ Admirals game that isn’t on a school night (29 Dec, might I add), and he may be willing to take us to that! Out of curiousity, I used Map Quest to determine exactly how far away my house was from Norfolk and how far from Hershey.

  • My house to Norfolk: 2h33 with a total of 144,30 miles
  • My house to Hershey: 3h17 with a total of 178.52 miles

It’s an extra 44 minutes, that’s all! And, while I know traffic can be tricky up there, I’ve had worse experiences going down in that direction (it took four hours to get from Newport News to my town once, when it should only take two). When I pointed this out to my dad, guess what his excuse was? ‘There’s snow up there, Anna! There’ll be snow on the drive up!’ Snow? SNOW? Really, dad? You lived in Rochester, New York for fourteen years, and you’re concerned with the snow up in Hershey? *facepalm*

In other news, Kaner and Burish have seemed to make themselves only look more ridiculous lately. First, Kaner announces on the radio (does anyone remember which station? or knows where I can find a soundbite?) that he and Burish saw Miley Cyrus in concert. I never thought I’d actually have something in common with those two boys (except being American and growing up in upstate New York). In my defense, I saw her when I was fifteen, not twenty-one and twenty-six…

Anyway, to add to their stupidity, they do this at the Hawks’ Halloween shindig:


*rolls eyes* Does anyone know what Sharpie is supposed to be?

Lately, it seems as though Kaner and Burish have been hanging out a lot lately. Does this mean Kaner dumped Tazer? And Burish is trying to get over the fact that Sharpie’s engaged? *devilish grin* I think soooooo =]

To stick to the theme of my family, we all know my mom is a creeper when it comes to talking hockey. First, she implied that Meghan and I molested Eakin, Carlson, and Holtby in an elevator, and then, she thought we were devising to personally buy Tazer or Kaner. Thankfully, her latest comment was golden. We were in the car after a trip to Sonic for ice cream and I was making fun of Crosby, like I always do. After comparing his looks to a beaver/duck hybrid and making fun of his ass and specially made pants, my mom told me:

  • “Anna, you should be nice to him! He probably doesn’t have any friends!”

It was easily the best thing she has ever said to me.

Also, I finally got around to listening to the hour-long Hockey Diaries, which followed Brooksy and Karl Alzner around for the 08-09 season, and it somehow managed to make me love Brooksy even more than I already do. Impossible, I thought! But, after hearing all the adorable stories from his mother (he sure did cry a lot) and Brooksy bossing Greener around while raking leaves (they’re totally like an old married couple), it happened. Not that a mind. Nope, I don’t mind at all. To listen or download, go here!

On one last note, tonight was Brooksy’s 200th consecutive game with the Capitals XD

– Anna


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One response to “Why My Dad Needs a GPS (And a Weather Map)

  1. Lucy

    Traffic in the Hershey area is not bad. If you can survive the metro DC area, you can survive the greater Harrisburg-Hershey area.

    You should definately go to a Bears game! They’re so fun!

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