Is It a Desperate or Necessary Measure

I thought despite the lose that the Capitals as a majority played very well even if we still haven’t gotten a whole sixty minute game. And, Perreault was very impressive but I will say it again; This team is NOT a winning team the way they are playing at the moment and I defy anyone to argue against that point. As I said overall the players were fairly good but it’s not enough. The effort is not there. Not that you haven’t heard this over the last week or so.

Alexander Semin; I can honestly say that I do not want your contract renewed. There it’s done. I said it. How quickly you have fallen.

This was an important game; he needed to step up, Instead he played stupid, selfish, and childish. We could do better. So so much better.And, maybe he needs another team. Maybe being on a different team would help him. Maybe Bruce and Ovie have propped him up too long. The Alexander Semin/Washington Capitals relationship has started to strike me as toxic.

That is massively harsh seeing as it’s November but I’m done. I’m dead serious. I am done with Alexander Semin. He was my favorite player since about the time I started watching the Capitals. So about 2005? That’s several seasons. And, now I’m am severely disillusioned.

It’s pretty hard to admit I’m giving up on my favorite player because it feels harsh and like I’m jumping boat but after several seasons of backing up a player, having them fail so many times, and finally so miserably DURING A CONTRACT YEAR it’s been far enough. This has to ended. It feels awful but for the forseeable future unless he does something so truly and devastatingly awesome, I can’t imagine it will happen, I no longer care for him. I can not tell you how truly awful I feel.

Bruce has tried it all with him (and the other boys) and there is only one option left before we seriously consider the non-contract or trade route. Scratch him for Nyls. I really kid you not I think it is the only option. If anything it can’t be worse. It’ll make Nyls usefull at that; We can literally use him as a threat for the other players. Sure that’s not nice or ‘profesional’ thing to do to Nyls but what else are we going to do? If you have a better suggestion please share.

I could be flying off the handle, I do that a lot, but if I, who has absolutley adored and believed in Semin for many seasons, is saying it don’t think I’m just throwing out this stuff. I’ve been mulling it for a while not just this game or Sundays. I was trying to give him a chance. But he and Poti need to be on the chopping block. We’ve let good players go before; Zubrus and Zednik come to mind. Remember when the Zubrus, Ovechkin, and Semin where usually mentioned in the same breath. One down; One more to go?

We’ll have to wait to see how this plays out but if Semin’s play does not improve the Capitals do NOT have an option. Throw the money at Backstrom, the UFAs and RFAs with contracts coming up, and Hershey Bears. They deserve it more.

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One response to “Is It a Desperate or Necessary Measure

  1. CapsFan1975

    I know how you feel. Think Alexander Valerivich is headed to Cherepovets Severastal after this year. (That’s the team where his “best friend” as a teenager has played for several years.)

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