I Didn’t Know Brooksy Had a Memoir! And in Movie Form At That!

After taking the SAT today, your Chronicles girls decided it would be a good idea to wander around downtown Fredericksburg, and, as always, shenanigans ensued. We spent most of our time in antique stores, which is always proves fruitful. Today, Meghan hit gold when she found this:



It’s a figure of Daren Puppa from when he was goalie on the Tampa Bay Lightning. It’s a pretty snazzy figure, though Meghan is pretty bitter about being “swindled” into buying it since it was in a box labeled ’50 cents’, but instead, it cost her $2.10. Later on, while looking at the figure, I made a comment about him having a mullet. To my delight, he totally did!

In another antique store, Meghan found this VHS:


Trap on Cougar Mountain! Which is, obviously, Brooks’ memoir. The best part? It’s tagline: “The heartwarming story of a young boy, a cougar, and their fight for survival”. I’m pretty sure my life is complete. Also, the cougar is apparently a boy cougar, named Jason. But hey, Brooksy, I don’t judge.

Now, for some actual hockey related news, Alex Ovechkin is mentioned in the November issue of GQ (the cover makes me uncomfortable) on a list on the 50 Most Powerful People in DC. He comes in at 48. The Ovetjkin Blog has the actual write up of the article. Honestly, I do not recommend buying it, unless, for some reason, you normally buy GQ. A (horrible) picture of the article can be seen here:


Yah, not worth it. And now, back to the game =]

– Anna

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