Weird and Wacky Search Terms Part Trois!

Weird and Wacky Search Terms in backkkk! So, what search terms have people been using to find THC lately? Wellllll…

Why is Brooks Laich called Iron Man?

Honestly, I have no idea. It came up at CapsCon and can be seen in this video:

But I honestly have no idea. Is it because his Scarlet Caps is absolutely ridiculous and somehow resembles Iron Man?


Your guess is as good as mine.

Dave Steckel and wife / David Steckel wife picture

This search came up six times yesterday. Six. Times. Her name is Didi and they met at Ohio State. And that is all I know. It’s all I need to know. Stop being creepers.

Chris Bourque Shirtless

Yah, I don’t know. I’m sure a picture exists somewhere out there. All I got was pictures of Johnny Knoxville and Vincent Lecavalier. Have we even talked about Bourque?

Sidney Crosby yellow crocs

Ah! Still?! Give it a rest! The mystery has already been solved.


This is a fictional place Meghan and I created five months ago during the playoffs. Yousuckistan is an island (or something) off of Playoff Vacation Land, where Geni, Eric Staal, and Greener all disappeared to. We’ve only used it once, though apparently, it’s a category. Huh. Also, it is the exact opposite of Snazikstan. Whoever searched this sure has one hell of a memory.

Chicago Blackhawks blonde hair

Which Blackhawk? There’s plenty… Kaner? Steeger? Eager? Hjalmarsson? Hossa?

Patrick Sharp dad

I actually know what this is talking about! The Blackhawks had some father/son thingy and there’s pictures! Here’s the one of Sharpie and his dad:


If you’d like the see the rest, head over to the Blackhawks website. There are three days worth of pictures.

lamp peerless bronze

WTF?! I googled it and found these:

Okayyyyyy. And there was two searches of it!

Capitals Snuggie

Unfortunately, this does exist.


Yahhhhhh. If, for some reason, you want to buy this, I found it here.

Keep on wacky searching!

– Anna


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One response to “Weird and Wacky Search Terms Part Trois!

  1. capsfan

    Brooks Laich is called Iron Man because he hasn’t missed a game due to injury … ever.

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