I Hope It Will Be Alright

I haven’t posted in a while. We all know I out of the two Chronicles bloggers is the one who posts way too much because I have an opinion on everything and I just can’t shut up. But, lately you have gotten a break from my babbling save my post about the Alexander Semin conudrum. Not much else in hockey has arrested my attention and I really doubt you want hear me wax on about it. But you are;

It’s a weird and unpleasant conudrum not having an overall favorite player. I love all my Capitals so much it’s difficult to love one more than the other.

I don’t even really have an overall player just in the league. It was Federov literally since I started watching hockey in the 3rd grade but he doesn’t play in the league anymore does he?

And, know one believes I just don’t like Semin anymore. When I next saw Anna she asked me “Were you serious?” yes I was damn serious. “You’ll forgive by next week.” Well I don’t want to burn his shirt anymore that count?

My father called him “my boy” (the actual qoute was “you boy sucks”) the other night. I replied “Not MY boy! Nuh-uh he isn’t my favorite Cap anymore!”

His actual reply to this “Fibber.”

I didn’t even now my dad knew I liked Semin passed the fact I bought his shirt. (and I have a Nicklas and Ovie shirt too)

I don’t hate him or even dislike him. He has just slipped into the ranks of the rest of the Capitals. He’s not special anymore.

It’s very odd not having a favorite player. I guess I’m in the market for a new one. Not that you choose a favorite player. That’s not how it works. We’ll have to see.

Speaking of favorites; Cam Ward is a bit of a guilty favorite of mine. I shouldn’t like the goalie of a division rival but I do like Cam Ward. Last night in a freak accident his leg was cut by Rick Nash’s skate badly. In the video you can see he knows right away he’s cut. They take much too long to get him off the ice if you ask me. He obviously can’t use his leg and with three people supporting him he inches off the ice with blood trailing behind.

He is in the hospital at the moment. I don’t think he did but I was praying he hadn’t cut his femoral artery (an artery DC sports fans are all too familiar with). The Canes (or maybe it’s the Blue Jackets) seem to be cursed. I hope he’s well soon.


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One response to “I Hope It Will Be Alright

  1. DaGreatOvechkin

    He’s out 3-4 weeks.

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