Near and Dear to My Heart

For the past two seasons the Capitals have had a charity called “Courage Caps” in which you can buy hats (or shirts) signed or unsigned starting at 20 dollars in support of our troops. I love this charity and this is finaly going to be the year I’m going to have the extra cash avaliable to support it in more than words.

I know it can be very hard to find the extra cash to support good causes. I’ve been so strapped for cash the past few years I’ve not been able to afford to myself. So I want to encourage all you that can afford to spend the extra cash to buy a hat or shirt and those how can’t afford it to feel that’s it’s totally okay that you can’t. Just support it through your words and encourage others to do the same or more.

So they go on sale tomorow and usually sell for a while. You can get shirt, baseball cap or knit hat. You can even buy a limited number of signed items. You can get them at the Verizon center, online, and I believe at Kettler.

Whether you can support through cash or words please do. I also encourage non-Capitals fans to do so. The shirts and caps are pretty non team specific.

One thing I think we can all agree on, whether you support the war or not, is that we ALL can support our troops.

Oh and did I forget to mention? The proceeds go a 100% to the cause!

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