If You Thought You Wanted to Scrub Your Eyes Out Before

In honor of Mike Green’s new Geico commercial I thought I might dig out some of the funnier hockey commercials I’ve seen over the years;

First let’s start with my favorite of a series of Bruins commercials that lay out the rules of Bruins fandom; This one is about the rules of dating.

Now if you’ve been reading this blog for a while you will remember the horror I experienced upon seeing the Crosby “Shower Lurker” commercial well I had NO idea there was another commercial in that series with another NHL star

We’ve all seen this commercial and you all love it

Poor Brendan Shanahan! That Sergei is mean!

This is a hockey/weather channel commercial; NONSENSE! You say? Well watch:

This gives me many very bad ideas

Here’s a old Capitals commercial:

So Anna told be to stop being a Pengui-phob and to watch this and I’m so glad I did “chicka-chicka-yeeeea”

Though good someone tell me what Gonchar(?) is saying at the end to Malkin I can’t understand a word he is saying.

Bowling would be better if it was hockey.



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