(Not So) Wild Thing

The Capitals won against the Wild after a weird both smooth and rough start. It wasn’t one of those games you’re going remember forever; it was not an edge of your seat game, though by the end of the first period I was convinced and evil scientist had switched Semins and Nicklas’s brains because they were acting the opposites. It was good old school hockey. Sit back with you plate of hot wings and cola and enjoy NOT having a cardiac arrest. Hell eat those fried zuccini sticks AND the fried onion rings because your blood pressure is not going to be in immediate danger this night.

I wouldn’t wish for it every night but hell it was a pleasant break!

Someone; and I really don’t know who by the time I got a hold of the phrase it was so muddled across cyberspace I don’t know who to thank. If you read this blog and you came up with this wonderfullness please take a bow in the comments section and thank you very much, said “Brooks Laich is a Weagle scout” I LOVE that; Weagle scout. In fact I’m stealing it as all good artist do and using it. Once agian who ever came up with it THANK YOU.

It will be my new standard; I’ll have a Weagle scout of the game/week/month depending on the situation. A Weagle scout does what the team needs; when it needs it. Whether it be smart play, defending the team, getting in a fight, just being awesome. Some time there might be more than one Weagle scout.

And, this games Weagle scout is:

Well hello it’s very very chilly in this
photo shoot brrrr…(so damn creepy)
Brian Pothier

Brian, the only Capital I refer to by his first name might I add, did a great job. He was physical against the very physical Wild which was exactly what the Capitals needed. That’s why Brian is the first ever Weagle scout. After tonights game he’s plus eight in stats.

I like this. Hey, I made a structured post… with a point! I’m growing up! Tomorrow I’ll announce the first Weagle scout of the week. Aren’t we excited?


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