And, the Big Boys

And now for the Capitals;

Tomorow we play the most hated Rangers. It will be on Versus.

Knuble after careening into the net broke his finger and will be out for a few weeks which is disapointing because we need him in front of the net.

Other wise I believe we should have an almost complete roster because… oh yeah Ovechkin is BACK!

*Bright Side* Knuble out means MORE Perreault who I never want to leave. recently compared Jurcina to Chara “without the offensive side”… You on acid? They’re tall and from Slovakia… similarities over. I love Jurcina very much. And he has a wicked shot (it’s just rarely on the mark) but Chara is in a defensive league more with Green that Jurchina. Not that Juice isn’t getting on the Olympic team. That’s no question.

Good. Lord. (you’ll know what I’m refering to the second you see it)


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One response to “And, the Big Boys

  1. The second I see it, eh? Is it Laich looking like he has a mouthful of chaw? No? Hm.. Semin’s hair looking like Lion-O? Whats that – I’m just old? Hm.. okay. Maybe the picture of Clark looking like he’s checking to hear if anyone heard him toot? Closer? Ah! I know! Must be that ravishing picture of Schultz! Enjoy, ladies!

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