Those Other Kids

Let’s round up on the non-Caps teams I (and Anna) like since we haven’t in a while;


The Hershey Bears played Friday and Saturday. On Saturday they played Wilkes Barre Scranton also known as the Baby Pens, who they have a rival with just like the big clubs, 3-1. Chronicles’ favorite defenseman Karl Alzner notched his first of the year and it was also the GW. Neuvirth is on a win streak which is good to hear after his rocky injury plagued start. Friday they won 5-3 agianst the, well I guess it’s the home-state team though I live directly in between the two cities, Norfolk Admirals. I wasn’t able to listen to the Bears games like I like to because of the fact the Capitals and the UW game was at the same time, on the same days.
Speaking of the UW game they spanked Ancourage both days; 5-1 Friday, 6-2 Saturday. Now if you know your basic geography Virginia is way over here and Wisconsin is way over there so being a Badgers fan can be a bit difficult. So I found the radio affiliate had a online stream and not only that I have the Ootunes app on my Itouch so I should be able to run around my house listening to the stream instead of being stuck at the computer which drives me up the wall. Well I got all excited because I should have been able to listen to almost the entire third period of their games after the Capitals game ended. I tune in on Friday; no game some talk radio crap. I let it go bitterly. Saturday I go on the actual website and open the stream; It’s malfunctioning so I can just hear the game as some talk radio crap streams louder over it… Why? Good hockey gods why? I checked the stream through Ootunes same problem of course because it’s the stream but I was hoping.

So due to this I have NO idea how the Badgers game went but considering they demolished the Seawolves both days it would have been awesome. I tried to get to the bottom of the issue and contacted the radio station. I got the run around. They replied me with a nonsensical message that makes me think they didn’t read my complaint. We’ll see next Friday if it’s sorted out. If not I might flip my lid.

Anna being the terrible influence she is and the fact I HATE not having a radio game to listen to on Sunday nights. I’m addicted to listening to some hockey game, any hockey game (usually the Bears) on Sunday nights. So I tuned in to the Swift Current Broncos game for a bit. I don’t remember much of the game being intent on the work I had to get done but, I am totally in love with their radio announcer; he is crazy! When the Broncos score he screams in this great voice “SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!” but when the other teams score you don’t even know for five minutes after when he goes “Oh yeah and the other team scored.”

They won in the shout out 5-4. Cody Eakin, one of our favorite prospects, has 22 goals already and four points in that game.

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