Hot Messes Our Boys

You leave them alone for two seconds jeez;

Neuvrith, insert my happy dance here, is getting his first big team call up of the season for Jose who has personal matters that required him to return to DC. While I am HAPPY that Neuvirth is up here I really hope there is nothing seriously wrong with Jose and his family. Also we assume that Varlamov gets the start. In the end this may work out because Varlamov seems to do particularly well against the Rangers and Jose, even when he’s doing well, seems to do particularly badly against them.

Beagle’s call up I’m a little less versed on but from what I understand Steckel took a slap shot to some part of his body during the skate this morning in New York and left early. Though I recieved that information third hand and may be mistaken. Either way Beagle has been called up.

Semin skipped the “optional” skate which by “optional” generally means the old men like Knuble rest up and the young guys get their legs under them for the day. When asked about if he would play Bruce said he didn’t know. This troubles me because if Semin skipped because he is ill or injured then I hope he is feeling better soon; if he just skipped I’m pratically begging Bruce to scratch him.

Ovie was in the text alert I recieved earlier was a still “might” but it was an excited “might” in the text message so we have hope.

Capitals against the Rags at seven on Versus. Which no matter your opinion on Versus means we return to the modern world after the weekend of stone age CSN+.


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One response to “Hot Messes Our Boys

  1. CapsFan1975

    Actually, Semin flew back home (to Arlington) so he could see a doctor about his bad wrist.

    Stecks could play after all. But now Laing has a broken jaw.

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