I Can’t Believe You Put Up With Us This Long

It’s a bit early but since I will probably not have time to post about it tomorrow I thought I’d bring it up now!

Because Thursday (or today depending on when you’re reading this) is the six month birthday of the Hockey Chronicles. We’ve come an insanely long way in these six months. Much farther then I ever could have predicted!

So I thought I’d bring up a selection of the events that have happened in the past six months:

There was the NHL poker tournament; what ever happened to that? When will this four hours of hockey player awesomeness going to be on my TV? When NHL?

The big ‘Roid rage ’09; the man recently pleaded guilty.

Sergei Fedorov leaves the Capitals for the KHL; Well I’m still alive aren’t I?

Brent Johnson was traded to the Penguins; All the more power to him.

Mike Green was ROBBED of the Norris!

Speaking of Mike Green The Chronicles were the very first blog to post relating to greenlife52.com. NEWS BREAKERS!

The Varlamov tells us about how foot is a delicacy where he’s from.

Illegal Curve links our blog for Caps Convention coverage

I may or may not have pissed off Mike Commodore on accident either way he blocked the blog on Twitter

Braden Holtby pissed ME off

Mike Green is just too cool for school

Backstrom and Ovie have a sleep over; several fan girls heads explode

Patrick Kane was arrested.

Bruce said Hi to us! (I spent a ridiculously long time talking about Brooks Laich shirt and how UGLY it was)

Jeff Schultz pulls a “Chicago”

And, the blogs very first post ever by the babbler herself, Me!

Finally the most bizzare thing to happen to the blog: We win an award for top one hundred best blogs about… CHICAGO?


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