Every One Was Cranky Today

In case you missed it in the Capitals world today:

Carlson the 19 year old d-man from Hershey was called up today. While I’m excited to hear about this I’m very disapointed that Alzner didn’t manage the call up.

Captian Clark and Green reportedly got in a shoving/shouting match in the middle of practice via the Post what exactly happened is unknown. It doesn’t really matter though I’ve heard one story, rather amusing actually, but like I said not important what is important is it’s not captainly behavior Clark or not toolish behavior Green. I don’t like my boys fighting thank you very much. I’ve been around this team a couple years now and I don’t recall any in house fight so far. Or that got to the public at least.

Heres the link to the article: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/capitalsinsider/boudreau-keeps-expectations-fo.html#more H/T to Libby D. and also Sarah (http://punchinthefaceblog.wordpress.com)

There’s a lot more on a host of things in that post including the Carlson call up, Semin and others shorter term injuries, and the Jose Theodore situation.

Speaking of in house fighting there has been some questions about whether reporters and bloggers, especially of professional blogs like the WaPo, should report tiffs in between players (and/or coachs) like this. It’s a question of ethics.Well in this case I suppose that seeing it was in the middle of a public practice the fans there would of had it out; it’s not like it was in the locker room. I guess we’ll have to give the WaPo, who I can’t stand, a pass on this one.

Happy birthday Patrick Kane. My condolences Blackhawks front office have fun dealing with what ever shenagins legal Patick Kane can get in to considering the shenagins he got in to before then.

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