Has Anyone Else Noticed

That Nicklas Backstrom has been quiet lately? In the last five games he has had no goals and only two assist; In fact since November 4th Backstrom has had no goals. He however has raked up 8 PIM. As of last game he has broken even in +/- and had 9 shots on goal in those five games.

He’s tied with Green for fourth in assists in the over all league though. Not like Backstrom is in a slump but he’s very quiet lately. He’s been a little more gritty however and aggressive. If you look past stats and to what you see when you watch the games Nicklas doesn’t seem to be playing his normal style.

I don’t know what to make of this. Maybe everybodies favorite little Swede is trying to pick up too much with every body injured. What ever the reason I hope we see Lars Nicklas back to his normal self soon.

And, on that note I think the blog has been awfully sensible lately so I think I’ll bring you a post of “Weird and Wacky Search Terms” to shake off the “adults” soon.

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One response to “Has Anyone Else Noticed

  1. Emily Karol

    I’m glad I’m not the only person that has noticed his play and how it’s been altered. kind of makes me sad, that Nicklas is not completely there.

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