Yeah They Did Just Pull a Redskins

Well it was a battle of the badly dressing Euro goaltenders and another completely uninspired effort by the Capitals.

Here’s our Weagle Scout of the game:

Semyon Varlamov

Because frankly who else could I give it to? Besides playing a good game and putting forth a great effort while the rest of the team was, in the words of Joe B. and Locker, lackadisical he was truly the only candidate for Weagle scout of the game.

Ovie notched the only Capitals goal and his effort was less than the usual Ovechkin style. Hagman scored the only goal for the Leafs.

The Capitals continue their two game lazy play streak. You’d think after the excellent and inspiring win agianst the Rangers they’d be playing with fire but whether it be the injuries or what have you they are not. It was an embaressing game on all fronts. The Leafs deserved the win. That’s their 3rd win on the year. Chew on that Capitals.

Merry early Christmas present Leafs and Leafs fans.


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