B-mo Is Growing the Magic Mojo the Caps Need

During last nights game I spyed with my little eye a certain something growing on Brendan Morrison’s face:
(H/T to Lucy of http://hockeyimbf.wordpress.com for the awesomesauce picture)

It’s a porn ‘stache! Finally one of the boys listened to me; during the four game losing streak at the beggining of the season I said we needed a guy with a really kick ass moustache to get the Capitals their mojo back. I’m not talking that fuzzy stuff on Ovie’s face or the super frightening maniac lumberjack beard like Karl Alzner had during the Calder cup run last year:

Remember the prospecter who lived in the cave on Scooby Doo?

I mean just a nice moustache, a moustache to make Freddy Mercury proud. Every team that beat us this year (and I’m making this stat up) had a player with a really awesome moustache. Ian White: awesome moustache. So I was hoping in honor of Movemeber we would see a couple of the older guys with the ability to grow moustaches (It’s okay Backstrom no pressure) to grow some. We got a couple gnarly beards, Brooks Laich, but those have disapeared.

But, B-mo took up the mantle as can be seen especially in this video from after yesterdays game: http://capitals.nhl.tv/team/console.jsp?catid=-5&id=52190 It’s still a little weak but if he keeps it going he has a pretty glorious porno ‘stache to distract you from his glaringly worsening bald spot.

And, if B-mo has a moustache no team can beat us. It’s a proven stat (that I just made up)


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