Alright Here We Go

Our regularly scheduled postings are interrupted for a bought of group theropy…

The Capitals might just be the single most fustrating team in the league. They are a good team; a championship team but they don’t play like it.

They have held the lead and then lost it in the third period in 10 of their games this year. 5-5 for those games. That is a ridiculous amount even breaking even on win/loses.

Frankly what aren’t the guys getting? They seem to understand what they’re doing wrong. The players and coaches constantly stated it after losing games. Bruce is butting his head against the wall; he works those boys and yet game day comes and something falls apart.

And blaming injuries only goes so far. They were playing like this back when we still had almost an intact roster.

I’m not trying to say this is a bad team. We’re high in the standings. And, I believe in this team; I think we are a championship team but the Caps don’t seem to get it.

Maybe our team is just too young in the sense that maybe the ambition just isn’t genuinly there. It’s one of those things that are in attitude.

I love the Capitals. We all do. But, when there isn’t a clear a solution to what ever is wrong; there isn’t much to do about. And being extremely negative towards the team is useless; theres a difference between exclaiming fustration after a crappy lose and calling for someone head after every lose. The team needs its supporters more than ever. No matter how stupid and pig headed they (or certain players) are.

This too shall pass… I hope.


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