Calling All Hockey Fans!

This poll is now closed; thanks for all the wondeful feed back we got! -Meghan

Meghan and I are working on a project for our AP Human Geography class. The project requires us to analyze a subculture in society. So, of course, the ‘Chronicles girls decided to choose NHL fans. While we fit in this subculture (obviously), we need more opinions than just ours. To aid us on our project, we thought it would be a good idea to conduct a survey on THC! We’d really appreciate it if you would spend a few minutes and answer the following questions (there’s only 13!) and email it to us at ASAP. The project is due on the 30th, so the sooner, the better.

Name (just for reference; it doesn’t need to be your full name):

01. What are some technical terms you use in relation to hockey? (i.e. icing)

02. What sort of clothing do you wear to support your team? What do you wear to games?

03. What kind of hockey paraphernalia/memorabilia do you own?

04. What expectations do you have of your team? What expectations do you have of the fans?

05. What foods do you associate with hockey?

06. How do you believe NHL fans (of the same team or other teams) behave toward one another?

07. Are some fans more “powerful” than others?

08. How can one earn approval/disapproval in the NHL fan community?

09. What are think fans should NOT do at a hockey game? Any taboos?

10. What is your favourite team? Do you live in the same area as the team?

11. What is a rite of passage as a hockey fan? First game? First jersey?

12. What do you think you need to have to be considered a hockey fan?

13. Why do you like hockey?

Thanks again! Again, our email is Please spread the word about this survey so we may get as many responses as possible!

– Anna


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