Sabres Shut Out; We We’re There

Let me start by confessing how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE sitting with my nose bleeders. I truely love you guys so much. We were REALLY up there and the game was pretty lack luster but you all made up for it with massive entertainment. But more about who were sitting with after this jump;

The Weagle Scout of the Game:
Varlastar! For his awesome shut out perfomance.

Now we had a real nose bleeder all star cast; The guys you sit by at least once a year but very rarely all together in the same spot at the same time. It was like seeing a unicorn:

We had the guy who was really smashed by the second period who made really awesome loud commentary that I love so much; he’s my favorite nose bleeder.

We had the kid sitting next to me who was the teenage boy dragged to the game by his casual fan father.

The “Crosbiatch” jersey, which I did not know about because I did not read “Jersey Fouls” on Puckdaddy this week, so I had no idea I was sitting with celebrity. I didn’t snap a photo like I wanted to but since he’s already famous I guess that’s okay.

And, last but not least the really obnoxious, rude and unnessecary, each of them has to get five times in every period nose bleeders who today happened to be Sabres’ fans which makes it double obnoxious and rude sitting in our row.

Now really drunk awesome guy doesn’t like Buffalo OR Chris Clark as he told us “I hate Buffalo! It’s the worst town in America! I don’t want your steel mills!” So the entire arena heard or “Chris Clark hasn’t had a twenty goal season since 2006! I HATE YOU!” Also loudly but not quite as loud. Right before the third he realized an equal drunk Sabres fan was sitting a couple seats down from him in this row they exchanged some “CAPS SUCK!/SABRES SUCKS”s then when a song came on Caps drunk man did a seductive little dance at him. I loved him very much.

Annoying Sabres fans who got up constantly and I mean CONSTANTLY I have never ever seen a single person leave their seat that much EVER in all my years of hockey game attending and there was a whole group of them! Well I was getting really pissed off during the third because they had kicked it up a notch and finally they were leaving with thirty seconds left in the period and the one man who had been the worst of them sneered at us “Staying to the bitter end, huh?”

Well Readers I did something bad, I lost my temper and kids cover your eyes here I screamed “YOU ARE AN ASS HAT, SIR!” as he walked away.

Anna LOST it and began to laugh really hard. She found the funniest part the fact that “Why did you have to say ‘sir’ at the end?” (as she asked me) I don’t usually do that to opposing fans but he was really pushing my ever loving buttons.

The game itself was a little less than action packed but the people we sat with were just so awesome it may just be the best game I’ve been to.

I’m sorry to Mike Green, thought you DO suck I shouldn’t have shouted it at you when you got the delay of game penalty because I’m not “that” fan and don’t want to be. It just sort of burst out of my mouth very loudly.

Anna and I both will have pictures from warm-up on the blog later.



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5 responses to “Sabres Shut Out; We We’re There

  1. Emily Karol

    i was at the game tonight as well… sat by some equally amusing men who didn’t quite fit into the seats and were yelling at every player on the Caps. I love drunks who comment on things that they don’t really know much about, yet pretend like they do. hahaha

  2. Lucy

    I love the drunk people until after a while they get drunker and are annoying and no longer funny. Isn’t it great when people get drunk and have no inner monologue?

    I so badly want to come to a Caps game.

  3. Kat

    Sitting next to drunk people makes the game all the more amusing, but theyt get annoying after a while. I sat next to 2 college guys last month who were real drunk. They left during the 2nd period intermission though, to go bar hopping with some girl behind us that they had never met before.

    • thehockeychronicles

      This guy wasn’t too drunk I mean we only saw him drink 2 beers so he was either new to drinking or had been drinking before the game. He never got annoying which was what was so awesome cause I’ve sat by annoyingly drunk guy many times! -Meghan

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