Friday Night Wrap-Up

Capitals had the night off but the Bears and Badgers played on.

Hershey Bears beat Phantoms
The Heshey Bears exorcised the Phantoms 5-1. Everybodies favorite giant Carlson had three assists and Boyd Kane had two goals. Dubuc was called up for the game got his very first AHL goal. Here’s the full recap:

The UW Badgers beat the MSU Spartans 7-3. Smith and Davies had two goals each. Blake Geoffrion had an impressive 13/13 on faceoffs. Full recap here:

Slightly unrelated but I am also determined that there has been a mix up and this UW Badger named Justin Schultz ( is the real Schultz brother to Jeff Schultz and not the actual real Schultz brother because they look much more a like.

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