We Honestly Don’t Want Jose to be Another Jose

Jose Theodore will probably start tonight. I know your immediate reaction might be of horror but come on Jose hasn’t been bad; Semyon just been really good. And, most of the games we lost with Jose in goal was because of the play of the rest of the team not because Jose was playing badly.

And, Varly needs a break. Do we want his glove hand to fall off? Okay, maybe that wouldn’t be much of a difference. We don’t want to kill the kid.

We’re playing the extremely banged up Hurricanes so they can’t do to terrible much damage right? Ward as far as I know isn’t starting tonight though he was at ‘Canes practice from what I’ve been told and their back-up goalie isn’t very good and we have Ovechkin, Fehr, and Laich.

We can’t have Jose sitting on the bench constantly. We don’t want Theodore to be another Nylander… or a Theodore…


I have faith in the Jose of the 2009-2010 season; so if his team mates are willing to play well in front of him I think he can win a game against the Hurricanes for us. Let’s just hope he isn’t discouraged to play well from how well Varlamov is doing. I don’t think we’ll be having Theodore on the team past the season, if even past the trade deadline, no matter how well he plays.

So let’s make the most of our time together shall we, Jose; A truce with the Caps fans sounds good, yes? I’m willing to be civil; are you, sir?

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