I Know This Is Rather Late

Last nights game was easily catergorized as the weirdest game I’ve seen in a while. Ovie had a knee-on-knee hit and will be out “day-to-day”. Alzner accidently cut a ‘Canes leg. Two guys boarded Perreault and Perreault just sprung right up. I love that little kid. Nicklas broke his goaless streak like I said he would mind you, with two goals and he had a hand in every singe point scored in the game.

Our Weagle Scout of the Game:

Jose Theodore!

And, not just because I love any excuse to use that picture but because he played straight out of his mind despite the absolute crap the rest of the team was playing. And despite his questionable choice in foot wear (Mandals are just never okay) he did a really great job in goal.


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