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Caps night off. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… this will be a ramble I’m sure.

Well yesterday the Toronto Maple Leafs traded Jiri Tlutsy (infamous for his lack of pants) for Carolina Hurricanes first rounder 2009 Paradis. I don’t know what kind of trade it it because I’m not well versed on either of them but I’m thinking maybe Toronto got the slight edge to this deal? Maybe? Well if anything they got another cute Canadian for the team am I right?

There was some discussion about if the day ever come, say in five years, where the Blackhawks don’t need to/or in no way can afford to keep both Toews and Kane who should they choose (kind of like the potential Nicki or Semin situation right now). Thinking about if for a few minutes I choose Toews. Toews scores less than Kane usually but he has the intangiables that the Blackhawks need. Even the older guys on the team while, being a good bunch of guys, are a little too goofy so I think they need their Captian Serious more than Kane. Though it’s a very close race and who knows in five years Kane might get the skills he needs so that he has both the leadership skill and the scoring advantage.

We Caps fans are waiting excitedly to hear if Matt Bradley is a new papa. Joe B and Locker said his wife was due Wednsday but there hasn’t been any news from those two and they never shut up about anything no matter how personal so we’ll have to wait excitedly to hear when the bouncing Bradley baby is born. In other Bradley news NHL shop won’t let you put roster players on the new customizable Tshirts yet and they can’t fit “Captian Planet” on there either.

I got the idea for something I hope to never have to use but if a Cap is ever particularly stupid and/or hilarous during a game he will be dubbed the games “Turkey scout” because the turkey is the opposite of the Weagle eagle. I hope to never have to use it!

Brent Seabrook is my favorite NHL player (by NHL player I mean the non-Caps of the league or even a Cap who I like particularly as much as someone on the Caps like Nicklas) yes this used to be taken by Sergei Federov. Hmmmm… I miss that old coot. Anyways yes super defenseman from Chicago Brent Seabrook is my new favorite since all my old ones have retired/left the NHL. Out with the old in with the new.

Speaking of old favorites Olie Kolzig (my favorite Cap ever) was chosen to be put in the ECHL hall of fame. Good for him!


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