There Are No Words

Not even sure there are words. That game was awesome. 8-2 over rival Flyers.

Now it is really hard to choose the Weagle scout but since I whimped out last time I guess I really have to choose. But, first here’s the weagle runner-ups;

Matt Bradley after making a great CLEAN hit was cross checked twice and then sucker punched before he could get his gloves off by the man who lost his ever loving mind Danial Carcillo. If I was a Flyers fan I’d be out for this kids blood. He bent his team over.

Jose Theodore was spectacular in goal only letting two in when he was very obviously being screened on both goals.

Flash scored two goals.

Micheal Green team village idiot also scored two goals. And in doing so got 1000 dollars donated to charity.

Steckel ohhhhhh Stecks! Finally snapped the dry streak! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

But out Weagle Scout of the Game was:

The Fabulous Mr. Fudgeball himself. He had a five point game and was in general awesome.

In fact the whole damn team gets a big freaking gold star.

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One response to “There Are No Words

  1. Emily Karol

    So many things in this post made me audibly laugh: calling Green, the team village idiot, the redic that is Nicky in that picture and finally calling him “The Fabulous Mr. Fudgeball himself”.

    Thanks for the laughs! Love the blog, FYI

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