Weird and Wacky Search Terms

I promised this a while ago but finally weird and wacky search terms are here; let’s pry into other people’s internet business and risk alienating some of our readers! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Nicklas Backstrom Baby Pictures
I don’t why some people googled this eight times and hit the blog eight times.

( Look at that little nugget of a fudgeball

Matt Bradley and Sasha
This has been getting a LOAD of hits since Matt Bradley palooza (the best sort of palooza) started after the Rangers game. Sasha is his wife, not Semin “Sasha” of course (DC hasn’t passed that law yet), a lady Sasha… wait that sounds worse… a women who is named Sasha. In fact Matt Bradley is completely weirded out when Ovie calls Semin “Sasha” as he told us at Caps convention. Also he’s expecting a kid, as he told us at Caps convention, so creepy creepers can leave him alone m’kay?

College guys piggyback ride


Single Blond hair blue eyed canadian hockey player

Haha if I knew any I wouldn’t be telling you creepers. May I suggest Eharmony or

Tampa bay Brooksy

Over my dead body, buckos.

Sidney Crosby shirtless

How about I just kill myself first? There are some out there just google Sidney Crosby I myself refuse to do so because my eyes have been burned by said picture before.

Patrick Sharp hockey pants
Banner '47 Chicago Blackhawks Women's Game Point Capri Sweatpants -

…. I don’t even want to know what that means. (but, we’re the second website to come up when you google it which is concerning…)

Capitals Washington Benjamin Casavant SC
Assuming SC means the Stingrays then no I think Casavant plays for a team in Canada.

Why did Jose Theodore leave?

He best have gone no where. If it’s refering to when he left for “personal matter” maybe it was because his awesomesauce pimp cane needed fixing…

Kettle run cougars

Ohhhh is that a club? Can I join? Oh I’m not old enough. So heads up… Run Brooksie RUN!

Hockey shirtless

THAT… would be highly dangerous.


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