Dear Hockey Merchandisers, You’re Weird. Love, Anna

My appearence on the blog has been, well, spotty. All I can say is “Thank God THC has Meghan”. Seriously.

In other news, Christmas is swiftly approaching and my parents have been bugging me about finally getting together a Christmas list. After my dad telling me to “shut up” and that “one game is enough” when I asked for Caps’ tickets, I had to resort to rifling through Ebay and the NHL Shop (*shudders*) to find some things. Of course, this proved to be more scarring than helpful. Below are some of my precious finds:

A picture of the Verizon Center. Oh boy! Who would spend $8.50 on this?

Anyone interested in a guitar pin with the old logo?

Oh boy! An Ovie switchplate!

Washington Capitals marbles? Who thinks of these things?

For some reason, you can buy a card with pieces of Ovie’s, Kovalchuk’s, and Datsuk’s jerseys. This reminds me of when people would steal Beatles’ bedsheets, cut them into squares, and sell them for a dollar. It’s creepy.

This find just makes me giggle. Ovie looks like he’s posing for his senior picture.

I think this is just absolutely adorable(!!!):

And this is just creepy. Why on EARTH would you buy this? It’s like a creepy frame-thing for an…ultrasound?

A Washington Capitals’ Tiffany lamp for only $500!

A Caps motorcyle toy-thing? Okayyyyy.

Now, I don’t find this strange. I would wear Caps pajama pants, but definitely not for $40!

So, what have we learned from this? A. There’s some weird merchandise for the Washington Capitals out there. B. NHL Shop is overpriced. If you have any strange merch finds, be sure to let us know.

– Anna

Postscript: If you own any of these things, than I am sorry for making fun of you… sort of.

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