Buffaslugs… Meh

Ugh, Caps lost to Buffalo 3-0. Despite the Caps outshooting and trying very hard they couldn’t get past the hot streak that is Ryan Miller.

So despite a relatively good effort we lost but lets not forget out boys are on a long road trip. They looked tired. And, Jose was almost beheaded by Juice in practice which might not help with the game.

Brian left the game early and never came back. Because, that’s all the Caps need.

Matty Perreault was out with a bout of food posioning he should be back soon.

Varlamov has a lower body injury and Neuvirth has been called up but, if you watched the game you probably already know that. (and therefore Holtby called up to Hershey)

Bradley who wasn’t even at the game because the birth of his son (Henry James Bradley if you didn’t know; cute!) was the player of the game; both kind of sweet and disturbing.

OUR Weagle Scout of the Game;
Jeff Schultz!
Now I had a really hard time choosing but with the most TOI, even +/- and even a shot on goal I thought it was about fair.


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