Harpooned Are the Former Whalers

So the game was a little iffy. Poor effort until towards the end of the second. However after pulling ahead in a fantastic effort… we let them tie it up. Free hockey time aka OT was required. Green brought back the Game Over in his nickname back.

Our Weagle Scout of the Game;

SEMIN! Because he had two goals and it was pretty awesome. Oh and the fact during the first intermisson’s interview Matt Bradley very nonchalantly threw out that “Nicki, Ovie and Jizz…” Yes, yes that is right Matt Bradley said like he has said it many times before, on semi-sorta-national television. He called Semin “Jizz”… and I was dying. I love Matt so much.

Oh do you like my super awesome Paint skills protecting the identity of the innocent? (There are just way to many things wrong with this picture; Is he at Burning Man?)

If you missed the magic that is Matt Bradley’s intermission interview you can see the video here: http://www.japersrink.com/2009/12/11/1197115/matt-bradley-2nd-intermission


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