Out Truculence-ed

Well what started out well did not end well and the Leafs won by a good margin. After a good effort in the first the Capitals feel apart in embaressing fashion. They were straight up out worked. Out trucelence-ed (that can’t be a word). I thought Semin’s scrunched up “I’m not gonna cry” face after he got hit by that Ovie shot summed up the entire night.

However there was one shining star in this game and he is our;
Weagle Scout of the Game

The Mayor Fudgeball of Awesomesauce-ville; two goals, good effort. If you’re a Caps fan and you don’t love this kid then you don’t love all that is pure and good in this world. (I hope I’m not the only one uncomfortable with Mike Green’s man scarf)



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4 responses to “Out Truculence-ed

  1. Lucy

    Man scarf makes me totally uncomfortable. Love the smiley face over the random dudes head. I probably should have done that to my Jersey guys.

  2. Kat

    The man scarf does make me feel real uncomftorable. And I wasnt too fond of Nick’s little pony tail/bun thing he had going on either.

  3. Lucy

    Haha I didn’t even notice the ponytail/bun. I was too distracted by the scarf and Nicky’s tennis sweatbands. I could see someone like Ryan Miller wearing that scarf but being able to pull it off.

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