*Insert Happy Dance Here*

It’s gone! That giant bald Swedish cap monkey on the GMGM’s back is off. Nylander is loaned to Grand Rapids Griffen’s for the rest of the season. And, that means he’s NOT ON THE BOOKS! *Primal scream of happy from all the Capitals fans right here*

What does this mean you ask? Hey Nicklas wants to sign one of those front loaded forty year contracts? Sign the dotted line, baby. We need to pick a cheap but effective filler player from somebody? Hello, Mr. BloodyFistsMcGee. Want to call up Alzner any time we freaking want to? Come on down, Karl. No more bourque-ing of our Bears players for us! Hey, hey we want to sign a certain crazy haired Monsieur to the Caps full time, please feel free to do so Mr. McGee.

And, no hurries! You don’t have to go crazy just yet. That’s the fantastic thing we have all the time in the world!

Frankly, I don’t nor did I ever have a problem with Nylander. He isn’t the kind of player we need on the team but hey doesn’t mean I want to see the guy pan handling out on my local route, right? Any how he has a million little off spring and I’d feel bad if they were staring through my window while I ate dinner just tap tap taping on the glass. I hated his contract for sure and this has me feeling totally pumped.

Every Caps fan I know tomorrow is getting a high five. Free at last, free at last, baby we are free at last. Capitals can do what ever they freaking need to do. The Capopcalypse is canceled.

And, it’s good for Nylander also. If he’s producing as well as he was during his conditioning stint then he’ll look a lot better to teams at the end of the season. I feel bad for the guy. He isn’t made for the Caps but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t do perfectly fine any where else where he might fit in better. I hope he find his team some where.

It’s a win-win-winy-win-win situation for everybody.


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One response to “*Insert Happy Dance Here*

  1. Emily Karol

    Our crazy-haired Monsieur was sent back to Hershey today. Sadness

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