Triumphant Return of Random Ramblings

The Capitals decided to up my Nylander cap free high by sending me a text update that Alzner (and Wilson) were being called up. Alzner is a favorite of mine so I was happy.

What they neglected to mention in this mobile update was that they had sent my crazy haired Monsieur down to Hershey. Not cool Caps. I love Perreault! And, if we want to call him back up now he has to go through waivers; I will pistol whip a fool if anybody tries to pick up Monsieur on waivers.

On Sunday it was a certain former NHL players birthday and a certain A. Gordon’s birthday. December 13th is a good day for hockey.

I’d like to thank Matt Bradley for his spouting of Semin’s nickname. It boosted our blog hits and made me giggle whenever I saw the search terms box.

Boyd Gordon finally skated with the team this morning! I miss Gordicris because I think he’s probably is one of our most underrated players.

Less than a day after our Capitals cap space was cleaned up the rumor mill started to go a chugging. That’s hockey folks! But, word around the water cooler is the Caps are interested in Filatov.
One. What team isn’t?
Two. Okay our Russian qouta is getting low.
Three. Isn’t one tempermental (some might say bratty) but super talented Russian enough? (I’m looking at you, Semin)

Well I think that’s about most of the big news from the weekend. Feel free to correct me if that statement is incorrect.



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3 responses to “Triumphant Return of Random Ramblings

  1. Emily Karol

    Sent a Tweet to Nate Ewell about Perreault and waivers. Here is what he said:
    @Emily_Karol Perreault, since he’s on his entry-level deal, is exempt from waivers this year and next (same with Alzner).

    Double good news!! woot!

  2. LUVtheCaps

    I don’t want Filatov on this team…well may-be I do a little… but he has a very high ego.

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