I Will Give Him This; He Is a Mighty Good Screen

I’m fustrated. Tom Poti is driving me nuts. I know a lot of people love him but I just don’t get him. Bruce loves him. Fans love him. I don’t get it. I’m trying I really am but I am not getting it!

In stats by no means is he our worst defense man. But, in play when I watch him on the ice he’s often screening the goalie and rarely cleaning the crease. He isn’t a small guy so while I know he’s kind of probably catious since he seems beat up all the time he shouldn’t be so cautious to clear the guys out. And, if he’s afraid to clear the crease maybe the coaches need to work it out that the other D-man is keeping the crease clean, he is often paired with Jurcina and Juice is not afraid to push the guys in front of the net around.

Last week Poti was on the ice for SIX of twelve goals. HALF. And, I know from watching that on three of the goals Jose had a real nice view of his backside. I can’t tell you how sick I am of watching Jose and Varly (but mostly Jose) craning their necks to look around Poti (or any of the D-men). If I was them I’d of smacked my own guy out of the way (which is why I never play goalie in any sport).

I’m not getting it. Yeah like I said he isn’t the worst in stats but what I see on the ice isn’t impressing me. Enlighten me to what ever strange voodoo powers he seems to hold over the team and most of the fans. Until then I won’t like him and can’t like him.

I’m also getting fustrated with everyone picking on Jeff Schultz. Where did this hatred even start? Why are fools keeping it going? PLUS FOURTEEN! That’s pretty damn good! Six assists and seven points. Even a (pretty sweet if you recall) goal. So instead of picking on some one when you don’t know anything about it the fools should pick on the D-men that really suck; like (lord forgive me but it’s true) Shamo.

In fact picking on the D-men in general is getting a little old. We’re first in the East. We won SIX-one last night. What can anyone possibly complain about? (though I know plenty of people will/have)


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One response to “I Will Give Him This; He Is a Mighty Good Screen

  1. Kat

    I see that all the time. I don’t get it either. And no one else that I know thinks Poti is a bad defenseman. Jose can barely see around him, he’s so short and Poti is much taller than him. Everyone loves him. He screens OUR goalies and its so frusturating. Overtimes have been lost, because what do ya know, Tom Poti was screening Jose or Varly. ANd yea, the Shultz bashing needs to stop

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