Canuckle Heads!

“Manifest destiny was the slogan
in the 1800s when the east was all broken.
People sought their riches in a vicious move west.
And, the competition kept ’em on their toes with no rest.”

With the boys out west today I thought that was song fitting (if you know who it is that sings it I’d think you’re pretty rad). While the Eastern conference is far from broken because the Caps are king our boys go West in search of more wins.

After a tidy 6-1 win of the Avalanche they go forth to play the Canucks tomorrow.

Vancouver is tenth in the league despite their sharp shooter the Sedin twins (the singular is on purpose). However that Luongo is a pretty damn good goalie.

So if you can manage to stay up this late it should be a pretty good game.

And, friends in the DMV/general East coast area; ready for THUNDER snow?(No joke! Trust me if it comes and actually happens, and I’m skeptical, it’s really cool.)


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