You Get a Little Cap Space and the Rumor Mill Starts Spinning

First off the exciting news; Boyd is assigned to a conditioning stint in Hershey! While I’m not sure how long he’ll be down there most guesses are about two games. He was slated to play in tonight’s Hershey game but the snow made his flight canceled so he wasn’t able to make it. I’m kind of hoping he’ll stay down for three games because I am going to see the Bears playing at Norfolk and I would love to see Gordocris on the ice for the Bears.

Also interesting little tid bit; Glen Hanlon is working in the NHL again as a goaltending scout for Canucks. This was after he lost his job coaching in the KHL.

Because, people just can’t control themselves now that we have cap space open Caps are now considered the front runner for landing Kovy if the Thrasher can’t keep him. I’m not crazy about this idea. I think he is really talented but his play style doesn’t strike me as one which would mesh well with the Capitals and Bruce B’s style of run and gun.

Kovy is a real play maker; imagine if you would putting Crosby on the Caps. Don’t kill me for that analogy because it’s about on par. Ignore your like and dislike for Crosby and just imagine him playing on our team. A player like that could implode in our faces. Or it could be something that could make the Caps absolutly terrifying. Question is if the Caps and their front office would be willing to make that gamble. I think we did that with Jagr and we know how that ended. And, the Capitals would probably lose a lot for him. Thrasher would in no way under sell him. We would easily lose Alex Semin, and a couple of our top AHL players.

While I think we should shop around for a good first or second line forward I think maybe a few other players coming up for FA would be wise to look at too. Patrick Sharp of the Chicago Blackhawks is one I wouldn’t mind at least looking at. Or how about just signing a couple of the Bears to be on the team all year. I mean that Perreault was pretty NHL ready don’t you think?

Or more importantly maybe instead of front loading the Capitals even more than our crazy talented set of forwards now how about we look at strenghting our D-men? I certainly like that idea. Quite a few great defense men are up for UFA this year.

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