I Have No Excuses Now

The past three days have been extremely mixed emotion with the Capitals. The many jibjab videos were highly amusing so I was feeling warm and fuzzy but then I found out that not only did the Capitals used to have the rights to the little brother of my absolute favorite defenseman in the NHL and in general favorite NHL player, Brent Seabrook, but I completely missed that out we had him and I found out that we traded him over the summer and I never ever knew about it. I am so angry with myself.

I got over it but, then Japers Rink tried to destroy my perception of Nicki. I won’t have it! I won’t listen; LALALALALALALALA!

And, then we played Buffalo tonight. I was very nervous to have the boys facing Miller again. But, Nicki immediatly scored and in the end four other players tallied goals making it a five goal win to the sabres two. Our defense, our DEFENSE, played really well except on the one goal. It was amazing to see.

Our Weagle Scout is:
backstrom20 by semin's neighbor.
Baby face Backstrom– look at him he’s all chess-y…

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