A Fire-Breathing Monster is Coming to Washington

For those who are completely out of the loop, it was announced today that the Capitals haved traded Milan Jurcina and Chris Clark for Jason Chimera of the Columbus Blue Jackets. To say I am unhappy about this would be an understatement.

I was in the car with my sister and Meghan when I read the news on Twitter. At first, I didn’t believe it, but as more and more confirmations came in, it was impossible not to. It’s heartbreaking. While I do not like Chris Clark and have never been silent about it, I love Juice; he’s easily one of my favourite Caps. He is also one of Washington’s better defensemen. I do not understand why GMGM chose, out of all of the defensemen, Juice to trade. Losing Morrisonn or, especially, Poti makes a lot more sense to me. I also do not understand how Chimera’s arrival will be beneficial for the team. We need defensemen! Not more forwards!

Since Washington is losing their captain, a lot of buzz has been going around about who will wear the ‘C’ next. Personally, I believe either Brooksy or Knuble should be given the honor. Brooksy is a good leader and really devoted to the team and Knuble brings experience. A lot of people also think Ovechkin should be given the oppertunity to become captain, but honestly, I think star players should stay focused on the game.  It would become such a media frenzy, taking focus off game.

Corey Masisak of the Washington Times posted an article about Brooks’ response to Clark’s trade and it is truly heartbreaking:

 ‘I sat beside that guy in the locker room for five years and now he’s gone,’ ” Laich said. “I’m sad to see him go. A terrific man and a great hockey player — he did so much more for this club even when he was injured than what he got credit for and what people saw.”

At this point, I am taking the acquisition of Chimera as an omen. After all, he shares a name with fire-breathing monster:

GMGM sure as hell better know what he’s doing.

– Anna

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One response to “A Fire-Breathing Monster is Coming to Washington

  1. CapsFan1975

    I sure hope GMGM knows what he is doing. Since Nov 1, Chimera was the reason I had been rooting against the Columbus Blue Jackets.

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