Because I Could Not Think of Twenty

So I attended my first Hershey Bears game, first AHL game and first game in an enemy barn all in one night the other day at Norfolk.

18 lessons learned:

1. Being sicker than a dog does not restrain me from going to games I paid for.
2. Plastic bags handed to you as a joke precaution seems totally funny until you actually throw up into one.
3. Sitting behind the penalty box is cool especially when it’s for the team you root for.
4. However it makes seeing the far side of the ice past the second penalty box really hard.
5. The Bears kick butt.
6. Sitting surrounded by mostly Caps/Bears fans is a lucky break.
7. However also by the rowdy local team cat callers with horns and the crazy maybe Russian lady who doesn’t speak great english and screams like a bird not so much.
8. The rowdy local team cat callers are fairly witty until about half way through the 2nd when they’re too drunk to be.
9. Chris Bourque ain’t so bad afterall. He waves at the really adorable little Bears fan trying to get the Bears players attention in the box.
10. I will continue to make fun of him. And, call his and Perreault’s line the “Lollypop Guild” line.
11. Patrick McNeill looks uncannily like Jeff Schultz in person.
12. Being in a enemy barn and feeling like the boys aren’t getting enough encouragement/love makes me really loud and some what obnoxious.
15. Small Caps fans with quiet not yelling “Let’s go Bears!” parents are easily influenced by the young lady yelling it next to them.
16. It’s hard to believe no body else calls the Adimrals “the Rear Adimrals”.
17. Ladies sitting in front of you talking about something really boring, really loud, rather annoyingly tend to switch seats with their annoying but quieter husbands after the first period if you’re screaming “Let’s go Bears!” “Go *insert player name here*” “Adimrals suck!” a lot. That’s just a helpful hint.
18. It seems to be quite the honor to be asked if you’re from Hershey by the guy in front of you.


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