Pining and Whining

I am not happy with the Capitals at the moment. I still miss Juice. I even miss Clark who I was never a fan of (And, I think it’s funny everybody is torn up about him being traded seeing as he was captain when a lot of them wanted him striped of the “C” before season). I also refuse to like Jason Chimera. I didn’t like him when I was a Jackets fan back in the day. I don’t like how he looks like Nylander.

Poor Michal Neuvirth where was that team of yours yesterday? Bad defense. Bad defense. Bad defense! Could drive a person crazy.

No one on the team really deserved the Weagle scout for that game or the one against Carolina so no one gets it.

Mike Green is the only Cap who did not make his respective Olympic team (of the Caps who were expected to be). Maybe, and this is just crazy nonsense here, but just maybe Team Canada needed a defense man who played… defense? Maybe not one who scored offense so when he’s got the stat that he’s scored more goals then even two of the Team Canada forwards well snaps to Mikey and all but you know Team Canada wants D-man.

Jeff Schultz is fifth in +/- in the entire league. Besides getting a good chuckles out of it when I say it I’d like to joke “Hey, why isn’t he on the Olympic team? He’s the best Canadian defense man!”

Apparently not everybody agrees “Team Canada needs more Bradley” but then again I’m rooting for Team Slovakia and when they get kicked out (I love you team Slovakia but lets not kid ourselves) Team Russia so I could be trying to screw with you guys.

Kudos to Seabrook and Keith for making Team Canada. You can’t break that duo up; it’s just man love.

My Leafs beat the Penguins on Saturday. Suck it Pittsburgh. Go Leafs go.

I’m not sure I can live with out the Time’s sports section which was fired this week. The whole section. I can’t deal with the Post’s section and that idiot Tarik El-Bashir in particular. I can NOT!

Neuvirth, Calrson, and Aucoin made PlanetUSA team for the AHL All star game and Giroux made the Canada team. I think the teams set up that way is very odd.

I do not like the Sharks (though I still like Joe Thorton. He’s awesomesauce)

Have a good New Years Eve, kids.


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