Ten Things Green Will Be Doing NOT at the Olympics

Mike Green was recently “snubbed” by Team Canada and not put on the roster. So here’s ten things Mike Green will be doing NOT at the Olympics.

1. Writing some emo songs for the Baby Blue Sound Crew. Maybe he’ll write Team Canada a love song like the One Semester of Spanish Spanish Love Song.

2. Eating his weight in green jello and what ever flavor green ice cream is

3. Paint sad clown paintings

4. Hug Gary the bear

5. Get more flowery, I mean manly and totally not embaressing, tattoos



6. Catch up on some reading


blue·line or blue line (bloomacr.gifprime.giflimacr.gifnlprime.gif) n. Either of two blue lines running across an ice-hockey rink, usually 60 feet from each goal, and dividing the rink into defensive, neutral, and offensive zones.

7. Moonlight as a bartender


8. Hang out with another person who won’t be at the Olympics

Ohhhh I went there Pen’s Staal…

9. Go to the movies.

10. Make more commercials where he creeps in the backround!


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4 responses to “Ten Things Green Will Be Doing NOT at the Olympics

  1. it’s pistachio. green ice cream is pistachio. also accepted is mint chocolate chip.

  2. Lucy

    Ha, I love it! Love it! Pens Staal has weird hair.

    I was about to answer the green ice cream thing too but someone beat me to it.

  3. Toby98

    Haha ,good stuff ,still laughing what a wanker he is! 🙂

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