Nice Try Montreal Munchkins

It feels like it’s been a while since we’ve been here. At home and at a normal time. Well the Capitals after going down a slippery slope of three very crappy games picked up the effort and began to look like a proper team again.

In big old news Ovechkin was named captain. Fourteenth captain in francise history, first European… blah blah like you didn’t all hear it a hundred times on Sports Nite and during the game. And, like you won’t read a million write up on other blogs. So I leave my opinon at; why I may not agree with the choice whole heartedly I have no major objections to the appointment of Ovie as captain.

So this game was much more like the Capitals we all know and love which is a great relief. And so, here is our:

Weagle Scout of the Game

Tomas Fleischmann

I think maybe more interesting than the naming of the new captain was the move of Flash to center. He seemed to play well there and it was a nice click.

Though may I mention Alexander Semin nearly got this distinction with his two goals and excellent, more than excellent, play. He didn’t take one stupid penalty, got in the crease, and tallied two goals.


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